Picking up a 35mm camera at a young age, Brandon was enamored by how some emulsion, chemicals and photo paper in a dark room could shed so much light on life. Learning from and inspired by acclaimed photographers and cinematographers, Brandon has sought to create the idea of nostalgia and macabre through moving images. Graduating from Chapman University’s School of Film and Television, with an emphasis in Cinematography, Brandon entered the professional filmmaking world. Quickly joining IATSE Local 728 (set electricians union), he has lit for some of the most sought after cinematographers in music videos, commercials and features. He has taken his knowledge and expertise on journeys around the world: from time-lapse on the steps of the temples of Tikal in Guatemala, to an intimate one on one with the Dalai Lama in India. Brandon is in constant search of the next great image with which to tell a story.

© Brandon Alperin 2016